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The fire brother and sister hood is strong, and so is this flag. It is absolutely breathtaking. The firefighter prayer is wonderfully carved and perfect for that firefighter in your life!

This listing is for the personalized 24x46 inch flag combined with our full size laser engraved axe.


Handle engraving

Head engraving


Name on bottom

First Responder Owned and Operated.

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1- This is a real axe so some minor blemishes or scratches of the head may exist, we do our best to sand and polish but again, it is a real metal axe head.

2- Handle grain may vary. Name engraving may not be perfectly centered.

3- We do our best to line up and fill axe head with engraving but this may vary depending on design.

24x46 Thin Red Line flag with Fire Axe mounted display

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