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Love jokers and marbles? Love traveling? This listing is just for you!!!! 

Made from yellow Birch this game board is stunning. Fold compact for easy travel and holds two packs of cards and needed marbles inside! 


Game Board size is 7.5"x15"x1.5" when closed. 15"x15"x.75" when open. Sealed on both inside and outside with shellac for water resistance.


This game is seriously addicting and fun! Multiple player options available!!!! All boards included Cards, Marbles and small carrying bag for the Cards/Marbles.

We Also Sell. 
Triple 8 Player, 6 Player and 4 Player Board    
Double 6 Player and 4 Player Board    
Ohio Double 6 Player and 4 Player Board    
Texas 6 Player Board    
Idaho 6 Player Board   
Tennessee 6 Player Board    
Georgia 6 Player Board    
4 Player and 6 Player Boards 
Single Player Boards   

Custom Laser engraving possible. Customized board Listing includes a monogrammed letter. Fonts will vary. Further customization costs more. 


First responders owned and operated. 


Check us out at Blaber’s Creations on Facebook!!!


Comes with 2 decks of cards, 5 marbles of 4 different colors


How to use the cards
A,K,Q,J - let's u leave home 
K,Q,J = 10 spaces
A = 10 or 1 spaces
8= 8 only goes backwards
7= 7 can be split between 2
*All other cards are their face value
*If you don't have a A,K,Q,J lay down any card, after 3 turns you automatically get out. 
*JOKER - use from home to replace any other players marble on the board.. 

Deal 5 cards to all players, 
1st player plays a card (hopefully an A,K,Q,J).. he/she moves to space right below home.. then draws new card to replace card played.. and so on.. 
*you can not jump your own man but if you land on another players marble they must return to home..
*when getting into your safety zone you still can not jump your man.

Travel Jokers and Marbles board game. Car ride game, travel game, Sorry game. ca

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