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Tired of boring plastic credit and debit cards? Want something awesome and eye catching? These solid stainless steel metallic cards are right up your alley. 

So what can you create? Pretty much anything. Either send a logo of your choice (We will assume you are allowed to use it) or message us to design a logo, design, or pretty much anything you can think of!

STOP- If you have a large chip or Metal card we cannot use it.

What do we do?
We transfer all of your donor card information to metal
-EMV chip is removed and transplanted
-magnetic strip data is transferred

So how does it work?
1. Place your order via 
    a. Etsy

2. Send in your boring plastic card with a prepaid shipping label, a label will be emailed to the email provided (2-5 business day shipping, you will need a padded envelope (Walmart $.98))
3. Receive a mockup/rendering (Limited revisions can be made)
4. Approve the mockup (*only what is shown on the approved mockup is what will be engraved)
5. Two charges will be made to test new card of $1 each (Stripe and Chip).
5. Once your order has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking (2-5 business day shipping) and photo.

What happens if later on my card needs to be replaced? (Stolen, Expired, ect...)
Our cards come with a replacement policy. If within the first year your card needs to be replaced. A 25% discount will be given.  

Will my credit card details be included?
-Yes, Name, Number, Exp Date, CID included on backside of your new Metal Card

What happens to my old boring plastic card?
-We will return your original plastic card with your new Metal Card. Please note original plastic card will no longer be functional

Will contact-less feature work?
-No. Only magnetic strip for swiping and chip for inserting, just as you would use your card today

Will it work everywhere mine already works?
- It should, However the card is made of stainless steel metal and some atms that require full insertion of the card might not take them. We DO NOT recommend using ATMS. 

- Please freeze/lock your card for security purposes during transit.
- We DO NOT keep any information about your card. The proprietary software is a read/write only and no information is kept or stored.
- We are not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

On very rare occasions something goes wrong and the following can occur-
- Chip is damaged during transfer.  
- Magnetic strip demagnetizes during transport (mails fault) 
Generally just contact your financial institution and request a replacement card due to the chip or stripe not working. Usually there is no cost to this. 

If this occurs there are two options. 
1- A full refund will be given (your old card will be returned).
2- we will have you ship a replacement card (our cost) and once replaced, try again. 

We don’t take responsibility for any copyright that may occur from a logo sent to us.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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