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In the Beginning of a Rustic Flag Company

So where did we start and how did a chiropractor become a woodworker? Because you know being a chiropractor makes a lot of sense when you are playing with sharp power tools every day, but hey, who said I didn't like to live a little dangerously? :)

In 2018 I ordered a Rustic Flag from a now defunct company (That's a whole other story). At the time it cost $800 but I was able to find it on sale for a measly $500 and ordered it. 2 weeks later my dad ordered his. I waited 7 months to get mine. His never arrived because the company went bankrupt. He never got a refund.

Christmas of 2019 I looked at my flag and said to myself. "David you grew up helping your dad build things, that doesn't look to hard. Let's give it a go!".

Three days and about 23 hours of work and I had... Well something. It was wood. It was the right shape. It was hand carved. However it was mine.

My dad loved it, but I think he was jaded by fatherhood lol.

I decided to make a flag for my fire chief and a police officer friend of mine. They shared it. Orders came. I found out I loved making them. It grew.

And Grew, and GRew, and GREw, and dear Lord GREW.

I got tired of hand carving everything, and I will be honest. I am not a carving artist. We added a CNC machine Spring of 2020. A CO2 laser Fall of 2020. A fiber Laser Spring of 2021 and a much larger CNC in Dec of 2021. We continue to grow and my hobby turned into a full blown massive small business.

I am excited to see what 2022 has in store. It has already been a crazy few months.

Thanks for reading!

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